Justin Stark

Hi, my name is Justin Stark and I am a University of Phoenix student. Most of my life I have been in love with personal computers, and video games. These two passions have lead me through life wondering what should I do? Well after have a few jobs here and there I decided to go to college, and persue the tech field. Right now I am working on my Bachelor's for computer networking, and have already passed my CCNA certification.

Grading Rubric for Week 1 Assignment

2 points - Created web page for class.

1 point - Added your name to the page

1 point - Added image to the page

2 points - Added paragraph of content to the page (no spelling or grammar errors)

1 point - Uploaded page to a web hosting service.

1 point - Provided URL to page - Make sure the URL you provide links directly to the web page

1 point - Image and content displays correctly on the web page on the web server

1 point - Provided screenshot of the web page.